Real world income

I’m thinking about using blockchain based tokenization in IF PAX. So for instance Pilots and the airlines they choose to fly for would earn rewards for the flights. We want those rewards to have a real world monetary value.

Our game allows pilots to fly for other airlines. The pilots themselves would be tokenized so and airline would have to pay the best salary per flight to recruit them. Airlines can earn more per flight by offering food service etc. But the food itself is tokenized so theres a cost to that also.

Imagine this: Infinite Passengers could potentially provide real world income to virtual pilots and virtual airlines.

Wanted to gauge what people think of this?

Yes, that’s a great idea Luqman.

How would the real world income work and be sourced?

Free subs? Would this require ads to fund?

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I do think that having competitive salaries, onboard catering and more would be great as is anything that increases realism.

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I’m going to cast my vote here. We need this ASAP to the app and it would attract more users. Would the income transfer to real money we can use in real world and any examples? @luqmanh 100% backing from me!

This is a great idea but I’m just wondering where the money would come from and would we have to invest more money into the app?

You’ve got my full support.

This sounds like a smart idea for the app and would get a cookie over all of the other third party apps. I have a question though, can you explain what blockchain and tokenization is?
I don’t get it. Is it a crypto currency thing like bitcoin?

This may help you.

I like this idea. but would this mean bringing advertising into the app or not?

Not sure , but there would have to be some way of sourcing the income and still allow the dev to make money from the app.


Will take a read at it, thanks for providing a link.

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Am I dreaming! Yes this would be great would love to provide real world income.

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Sounds an idea that could really work out but I guess we’ll have to invest more money?