Realistic Engine Sounds Add On for IF

Adding Realistic Sounds for IF for the engines would be nice at least for the 773 and the Airbus A320 family and the sound could be from the GE Engines and or Rolls Royce so that when we start and take off it can be extra realistic than it already is with IF
GE90 Engine for the 773ER/777 Family

Skip at 2:05

CFM56 Engine for A320 Family

Skip at 0:48

A320 CMF Take Off Sound (Roar)

777 GE take off Sound

Skip to 1:57

This would probably have to be an entire new app and not that of if passengers.

I don’t think this would be possible as said above without the need for an entire new add on application. Plus, wouldn’t it be very complex to get these engine sounds correct when you thrust etc.

This would be a great addition.

Not the purpose of Infinite Passengers. Doubt this will be possible unless integrated into Infinite Flight itself.