Recording IP audio

So I have said this before, but I cannot record IP audio. I tried to download other screen recorders including DU recorder but it will just broadcast to YouTube. Does anyone know any good screen recorders ?


Just to clarify are you on Apple or Android?

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Apple IOS
I need at least 20 characters !!!,

Unfortunately, most iOS screen recorders will only pick up the sound of the app which is currently running. There has been some more discussion in this thread:

You may find something there.

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If you have a Mac then you can plug your iPhone/iPad in and use Quicktime to record (see this tutorial)

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I don’t have a macbook

Nope, I didn’t find anything

With Vidih, it won’t rrcord only stream. Same with omlet

I don’t think there is nothing much else you can do as it seems common with iOS.

You could try these:

You could also try YouTube Gaming.


Youtube gaming might work for you.

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Thanks, I am downloading it now !!!

It does not function

The second one doesn’t work either, it says that it isn’t compatible with iPads !

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