Recording youtuber videos(audio not working)

When I go to record a YouTube video using IF Passengers in the background audio it does not seem to be picked up by the iPhone recorder, is their anyway I can resolve this?

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Do you mean the sound doesn’t play whilst recording? Or afterwords?

The sound of the app plays whilst recording but when I listen back to the video recorded the sound does not come out only game sound from infinite flight, no cabin call outs or plane safety briefing in the recorded video, but it plays when recording.

Which screen recorder are you using?

The iPhone one, it is part of the iOS software I think u have iPhone to?

I’m more of an Android guy, however I do use an iPhone too

I just tried on the iOS screen recorder too. I’m having the same issue.

Ok, I believe IFPAX has a video about it o youtube, could we maybe find the video owner, Are their anyways around this issue?

For now you could try on an alternative screen recording app and see if that works. The issue may be with the native iOS screen recorder.

Do you have any other recording app suggestions?

There are plenty on the App Store. Just search for “Screen Recorder”. You may want to try some of these:

• DU Recorder
• Screen.Recorder
• Go Record
• YouTube Gaming

Ok I will go through 1 by one

None of those apps are working nor are others apps I have attempted with, are their any other options.

I actually got DU recorder and it works properly while livestreaming one of my game(not IF tho)

It must be a problem with iOS not picking up background app sound for some reason. We will have to wait for @luqmanh to see how he managed to record with the background sounds.

Ok sounds great, can you PM me on discord when he’s here?

For all wondering this a common issue with iOS screen recording or using the inbuilt iOS screen capture system for streaming, it will capture sound of the app your using but not background ones, may I suggest a couple apps to you for great long term investment.

  1. Vidih
  2. Omlet Arcade
    Both of these have fixed this issue and it is still an on going search for me.
    Disclaimer Vidih you can’t hear sound with however you can still record all sounds

Try @Jordan second option Omlet arcade in this case it might work since my friend faced the same issue and that’s how he resolved it.


Exactly the iOS devices Native Screen recorder dosent with sound outside the actual app being used that’s like apple saying you just spent 400 dollars on a tablet that doesn’t work when recording videos


Ok thank you soo much, but omlet arcade should work correct?

unfortunately most screen recorders will only pick up noise from the app open. All apps in the back ground will be muted