Recruitment of my airline

I would like to recruit people for my airline, how do I do it? I have a person who wants to access but I give it and I close the application

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Good Afternoon,

You can advertise your airline in #recruitment then in app they can either find your airline by name and request to join or you can invite them to join.

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Hello, are you talking about recruiting via the forum or are you trying to accept people into your airline through the app?

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both things, I have a request but when accepting it closes application

See here for thread creation: An In-Depth Guide to the Recruitment Category

As for the app, what device are you on and what version of the app are you running? There were issues on Android with the latest update but that should be fixed now. Also, have you tried basic troubleshooting steps like a device restart?

yes i am from android, note 9

Hi @RBW665 ,

It seems the app force stops itself.

•Try giving your phone a restart before you do so clear your Ram and close all background apps.
•Uninstall and install the app again.
•If none of the above works , Looks like a staff will have to deal with this. Ensure your updated to the latest version IFPAX app as mentioned hotfix was released…this problems shouldn’t Persist.

Anyways let us know the outcomes of the above steps.

none of that works,and the same thing happens

Are you sure that you’re running the latest version of Infinite Passengers? (5.1.4)

Have you rooted your device? (Same thing as jailbreaking but for Android: that is what rooted is)

I do not have it pirated and if it’s the latest version

Ok… so you have restarted your device, reinstalled the app. And cleared cache.

I’ve got one last idea. Change your device language to English and try. What is your current device language?

I have Spanish, but it has nothing to do with that

I’m just checking. A devices language settings cause problems for another user. All tips are useful :wink: (mostly)

Spanish isn’t a problem, so no need to do that.

I have the latest version 5.1.9

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