Regional Airline Announcements

If it is possible adding a sub menu for each airline to add their regional airline announcements. Im not familiar with EU airlines but in the US American, Delta, and United use the same regional airlines (Republic, Envoy, Mesa, PSA{AA Only}, and Skywest).

Envoy is also just AA.


It would definitely be nice to allow categorisation by regional announcements. But I have a question, do these regional announcements differ from the main airline, if so then need to add those before those can be selected in-app.


This would be nice to see maybe as a manual option or based on the aircraft type.

In Europe flights are mainly operated by the carrier itself although there are some exceptions. BA has a francise flying to scandanavia and there is Stobart Air who operate for Aer Lingus and FlyBe i believe.

PS: Remember to vote for your own feature but you have my vote.

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Most regional airlines have the same safety has other mainline airlines. It’s just presented differently


They are very similar but I know for AA regionals have like this robot announcements, and on Delta the FA has to still speak the safety announcements instead of the video or pre recorded announcement.


Definitely a great idea for the app because it would be nice to see a clear difference between commercial and regional sound packs.


Regional flights are still commercial flights