Reset Password - Email not sent

I have just bought a Subscription a few minutes ago, but I think I typed my password incorrectly when registering. They said they would send an email to me (I did type the correct email) but 10 minutes later still nothing has been sent to me. Please help! @luqmanh


Can you try sending the email again? If that doesn’t work, send me a DM with your email and I will get the developer to find out your username.

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Ok, I’ll send that PM to you now as the email has not been sent.

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I still have not had an answer. I PMed you with all the information already… I fee like I’m getting ripped off. Please help @luqmanh

Hi man

Most likely you would have registered with wrong email or had a typo in it originally, hence why no email.
Unless its in your junk mail folder?

Send me PM with your email and ill take a look and also username.

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Ok. I don’t think so but I’ll send you the details in the PM.

Is being handled in PM