Restoring purchase doesn’t work

A little bit more than a year ago I downloaded InfinitePassengers and bought a few of the airline boarding music/safety briefing packages. One of the ones I bought was United. I was away from IF for about a year but now I’m back so I went onto the app to use my United package. However, I find out that I now need a subscription for the airlines and the only package available to me is the free Generic one. So I go to restore my purchases and this pops up:

This doesn’t make any sense because I never purchased a subscription in the first place. Someone please help me out

We are offering free subscription based on the number of sound packs purchased. Please reclaim subscription using this form:

Make sure you use the correct username. Receipts are useful but not essential.

Once done, remove the app, reinstall install from app store and then login to airline mode. It will provide access.

Why was it changed to subscription mode?

Changing to subscription based model should allow us to expand development and get a lot more features out that would add to realism. It should mean we can also have a dedicated support person. Monthly subscription will provide access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode. It will also allow more frequent updates.


How do I use the form to get the subscription? I clicked on the link and it said this:

I didn’t create it so how do I access it

I will notify the users in charge of the form, sorry for the inconvenience.

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All good. I just want to figure this thing out so I’m not in a hurry.

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Has the link been fixed?

I’ve notified the users in charge of the form, when they are available next they should give you an answer or fix.

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Ok thanks for the info

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Hi all

Sorry the form is no longer in use as it was being abused by users that had never made a purchase ever.

Please submit ticket at and we’ll resolve.


It’s been a few days and no one has responded to my ticket.

Have you received a response now? If not, simply bump it back up :slight_smile:

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