Royal Air Maroc and Royal Air jordanian

Hello , today i planned to fly from London Heathrow Airport to casablanca in morrocco so i choose 737-800 royal air maroc and i started to plan for the flight but I recognized that ipax dont have the sound pack for this airline . I tried to search in YouTube and i found this safety video

While am searching for the royal air maroc i found a safety video for the royal jordanin 787 since its the only aircraft for this airline in IF !

So i hope you add these two sound packs thanks

The sound pack for Royal Air Maroc is already in the app. It’s under “Maroc”.

Royal Jordanian sound pack is also there under “Jordanian”.


Oh am sorry I thought it was written as royal air maroc :tired_face:

For the royal jordanian i meant that the one i post is latest one for 787

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Feel free to make another topic for the updated sound :slight_smile:

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