Ryanair Boarding Music and Safety demo


I just would like to say that in the game there is only one RYR Boarding music for all departure times where IRL there are about 3 per departure time. And they vary depending on the departure time.
I also would like to say, and not only for Ryanair, that when i go to other than English/US countries, please do that the safety demo is in different language: Eg. Engish and French and Spanish for a flight France -> Spain.
->Yvan Caravan’s Aviation (YTB+IG)


Could you link a video of them if possible?


Yes sure. I sent you an E-Mail of the links


An email to a community member won’t help in this case. You may want to link them in the main thread here.


How did you send me an Email? I don’t have it linked…
And like @ThomasR said, its best to link them here: @YvanCaravanYT



-> Safety, Italian:



Boarding musics:

https://youtu.be/lhn7IkGQGto .