RyanAirIF Virtual

Welcome To RyanAirIF Virtual we are brand new to Infinite PAX. We opened roughly a week ago and have been soaring to new heights! With our brand new website all ready to rock n roll.

We aim to be the best in the sky’s of Europe! We also aim to keep our team close like a family! We love every single person who is currently working for us!

How to apply? You can apply on our website and we can communicate that way! https://ryanairifga.weebly.com

Or simply request to join us at “RyanAirIF” in infinite pax and we will accept you straight away!

What kind of people we are looking for?
#1 Dedicated Pilots
#2 Managment for advertisements (Job Role) The role of management for advertisements it to make posters to advertise routes, holidays and cheap flights! Pretty fun f your creative!

#3 COO - COO will run beside the CEO of Ryanair and help to develop the airline together!

#4 Route Planner

Our Fleet!

Our fleet consists of

737-700 Trainee plane (Generic livery)
737-800 MAX (On Order)

If you are interested please contact us!


Neat thread! Like the site you made. :smile:

Infinite Flight don’t have a 737 MAX?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :see_no_evil:


That’s why I think it’s on order still.


Hi Emily! Thank you!!

I know there isn’t! That’s why it’s on order! Also because I’m modelling RyanAirIF VA just like the real life airline! In real life they really have 737-800 max on order!!

Thank you for your lovely comment also!!


Thanks for the clarity :hear_no_evil:


That’s ok! If you wouldn’t mind check out our Facebook page ryanairif virtual!!

Sorry, I don’t do Facebook. :crying_cat_face:


At Ryanair we would like to revolutionise the virtual airline system! Any real airline has customers! But so do we! Ok yes! We have our virtual airline! And pilots working around the clock to fly to maintain our airline! But not only that! You! Your friend! Your mum! Your dad! Your nan Andrew your grandad! Could all log onto our website https://ryanairifga.weebly.com/book-flights.html

And book a flight!!! That’s right!!! Book a virtual flight!!!

Now how does it work you ask??

You simply click on this link above! Fill in the form! Choose your destination tell us a date you’d like to fly!

Then we will email you back with a list of times of flights for that day!!! Once you tell us the time and the date we will send you a E Ticket “electronic ticket on your email!

One the day of your flight we will have the flight pre arranged all you’ll have to do is simply track your flight on “Live Tracker”!!’

We aren’t just Ryanair!



I got my application in and you should see this: Ryanair fleet

Question: Do I fly the flight if I booked one?

No. Basically you’ll book one and we will set it up on the day we will tell you a choice of times the flight will be going and you pick one! Then you’ll go on to live tracker app on the day and track your flight

Please may I ask? Where did you apply to? Also don’t forget to request us on infinite pax “RyanAirIF”

I apply on the website.

we now have a fair way to play!

If you are interested in being a pilot of our famous 737-800 fleet! And are worried you aren’t experienced enough! Or a frequent flyer! DO NOT worry!

We now cater for anyone! This is how it works! It’s simple!

If you’d like to fly for us! And your a Casual Pilot (fly occasionally) we do not
Mind! If you want to fly everyday!! Then you can! If you want to fly once a month guess what? YOU CAN! There are simply no strict rules here at RyanAir!!

If your a professional pilot! And worried we do not cater for you as we aren’t professional! Your wrong!! We can have anyone from Training to professional pilots as we like to work with both sides!!!

There is simply no limit!!! At RyanAir everything is fair!!!




Just like the real airline we have also launched our brand NEW route to infinite PAX! Cardiff to Malaga!!

We are in desperate need of Pilots for our extremely active VA! We have 6 at the moment!!! And we would love you to come on board and join our family!!!

Working for us isnt just a “job” it’s a lifestyle! It’s amazing!

Especially on approach into salzburg!!!

Join today!!’ infinite passengers name: RyanAirIF

See you soon!



RyanAirIF Recruitment and 30+ new routes being added to Infinite Passengers


At RyanAir we are looking for new Enthusiastic Pilots to join the team! We are a very active Virtual Airline with a COO Zak Dien and Routes Manager Tony Farrell

Tony and Lee are going on to manage one of our hubs Edinburgh which means they will maintain RyanAirs routes in and out of Edinburgh whilst the CEO Ben Pearson manages London Luton Airport!

We accept anyone!
We are a Happy, Friendly Virtual Airline!

So if you think you are up for the job!! Please request to work for us at “RyanAirIF”

You can fly as much or as little as you like!!!


We would also like to announce that we will be operating up to 30+ new routes! *** COMING SOON!

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This video is awesome! Congratulations and good luck

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This virtual airline looks awesome, I’ve requested to join on infinite pax and I look forward to working with you!

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So a little announcement! We’ve seen recently the confusion between vRYR and RyanAirIF! RyanAirIF contacted vRYR to settle the issue. RyanAirIF has always called themselves Ryanair UK and we asked vRYR if they’d like to join forces with us! We suggested that we would be Ryanair UK and vRYR can be Ryanair eu meaning that RyanAirIF runs all routes out of uk airports as we have routes managers all over the uk setting routes for EU

Now it’s confusing but vRYR haven’t replied to us yet but we believe that this is a valid reason to merge the 2 but keep them individual! vRYR will have there CEO and RyanAirIF has me as there CEO

I hope everyone understands our plan of action now we are just waiting for confirmation!

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