Save a flight after IF Crashed

I just completed a long haul flight from Birmingham (EGBB) to Dubai (OMDB). I landed and then the announcement started while a message shows saying don’t forget to switch off engines before returning to PAX… apparently IF crashed after the Arabic emirates announcement finished and the English translation started. The thing that bothers me a lot is that I haven’t had a single negative point or penalty the whole flight long. I was a second to get 100% score. IF PAX is still running and the boarding music is still on, I can’t save flight now, any ideas how I can save it?

Did the announcement start again after you landed in Dubai?

No, I mean after landing announcemet"thanks for flying with us…"

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Thank God. The boarding music was still on and IFPAX was looking for connection, I simply started a new flight on IF at dubai, then PAX found the connection with IF and a message popped up saying swith to PAX to see score…

I did not get 100% and no penalty. But rather 80 out of 100, and three penalties, landing lights, zero g flight, and exceeded to fast for landing, but I’m still happy about it😊


Interesting… Let me see if I can reproduce this

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