Shutdown itself

why alwayes infinite passengers shutdown suddenly I’ve changed my device twice and always the same. My device now is Huawei mate 20 pro

Try these steps below.

  • Restart your device.
  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these step above don’t work. Try uninstall and reinstall.

If these steps dont work. We will try to find best solution for you as possible.

i already did all this

How much available storage do you have? What version is your Operating system?

i have 100 GB free storage, my operation system Android 9

What language is your device in?

english language…

Do you have any other apps in the background when you try to open IFPAX?

no, i bought huawei mate 20 pro just for infinite flight and infinite passenger

Have you tried opening IFPAX before you open Infniteflight?

yes i did …

Is your device jailbroken/rooted?

no it’s not …

When the app shuts-down is there a popup? If there is what does it say?

no,there is no popup, just shutdown suddenly

I’m not an Android person so I can’t help much, With the information provided above another user (with android experience) should be available to assist as soon as they are able.


Does Infinite Passengers close whilst in the background? If so… try this:

Try going to Settings > Advanced Settings > BatteryManager > protected Apps > Add Infinite Passengers

Appreciate your help but my android is 9. And i can’t find this list. Please advise

Do you have a search? otherwise scroll down and look for BatteryManager or Advanced Settings then try navigate to Protected apps

Could this site be useful?

I have Pie Android 9.0 which updated a week ago. Since the change, it’s little harder to find, but I tried to find best as possible.

Go to Device Care > Battery > Click 3 dot in right top corner > Setting > Sleeping App > If so, click IFPAX and it will take you to App Info > Click Battery > Check Allow Background Activites.

If IFPAX is not on Sleeping App list, then I’m not sure.