Sign on with IFPAX account

Some user may have trouble with signing up witb usernane and password. Why not use sign up redict from the app which allow users instant access to the forum via their IFPAX account in the app. When they click to join community it would log them in straight away without the hassle of them making a username.

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Hello! Thanks for suggestion. I’m not highly skilled with Discourse. How they can sign in from Discourse that connect IFPAX app?

I believe something like a single sign-on (SSO) can be set up.

It would basically allow this forum to connect to the app somehow and recieve their username and they can set a password here. It would them allow them to log in without the need for any email verification etc.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


Read through it, don’t think what you mentioned was wrong. If this is possible it would be a great shortcut for users to join the forums through the app, that would also speed up the time it takes for them to create a support thread when singinung up to the forums.


I also think we’d need to work out some way for it to not have an effect on existing user accounts.


Yes, that would be a good solution :sweat_smile:

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