Some aviation photos I want to share

Here are just 2 aviation photos I just want to share as they look interesting and quite hilarious

Could you link the source? (if possible)

It’s from Facebook though.

They are cool photos but hilarious? Explain


Is it common for C130 to land at an aircraft carrier tho? I thought it never exists

That’s a B52 bomber… Not a C130

It’s very rare to see USAF bombers and cargo planes to land on aircraft carrier.

I don’t see one cargo plane in these pictures

I know but I saw a video on it.

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How can a B-52 land on aircraft carrier?

It can’t lol. It was probably photo shopped


Only C130 can fit unless you can trap a F-15 or F-16 with the net(the one that would use to stop an aircraft when it miss the arrested wire). Also, can a naval aircraft take off from the runway of an aircraft carrier other than the catapult?

The runway on an aircraf carrier is too short for most aircraft (excluding helicopters) so the catapult is a must use.

It’s the only thing that can allow aircraft to takeoff in most cases. The only aircrafts I can think of that can use the full runway would be the Skyraider but it was retired. I don’t know any other fix wing aircraft that would use a full runway other than catapult. Maybe even F-14 or A-7 Corsair II(which I’m not sure)

You know a lot about these things! Do you by any chance know the length of a runway on the aircraft carrier?

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I never know those information but I would guess it’s about 700 meters.

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