Some ideas for the future


Here is a few ideas. Everyone joins with x amount of dollars to get there airline growing… not many pilots look to work for an airline they just rather fly for themselves. I think a way to create a bound for pilots to that is Make it were new comers start at 0, must find a job to start earning income. Then if they wish they can branch off to their own airline. But it’ll be a way to start that pilot trading system.

Income earned, some of these flights i think you bring in unrealistic amount of cash with no real money having to go out for maint, air crew payments, hub leasing, whatever it is there is zero expense.

I would suggest to have something people neeed to spend money on instead of just keep saving to get a new bird or make it a little harder to earn cash. I just did a flight and got $200,000,000 off it. Did a 15min hop and got $2,000,000. I’m not saying make the flights where you only bring in a few hundred bucks but it would be nice if there were more of a challenge to keep you hungry to earn those profits or on the flip side maybe make people more hungry to pay real cash for game cash which would be a win for IFPAX

Just some thoughts.


Some great ideas. You have my vote.


What about if the person got the app to specifically create their own airline without joining others?

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I agree. I would love to see costs go out for the above. Seems a bit weird keeping all of the cash earned.


You have my vote. Nice feature.

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Excellent request!! You got my vote! Would be great to spend funds on things like aircraft maintenance etc.

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I’m against this. Some users may have the app to create and manage their own airline. Isn’t this the purpose of the app?


It could work really well if you had a career mode and Normal mode.

Career would mean you have to work first.
Normal mode allows you to start an airline.

Also on the Normal mode there is a easy and hard with easy being like current and hard having to pay for fuel etc and also having emergencies on old aircraft?


You have my support. Would love to start paying expenses.

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Thats not something you hear people say everyday :joy:

But i fully agree.


You’ve got my support for this part of the request. It would help to add realism if some outgoings came off of your income and you didn’t keep it all.


Agreed. It would definitely add realism and we all love a good bit of realism !


Great feature request. If you actually got to pay for some outgoings like maintence costs (perhaps it could be added that the plane would also be locked whilst in maint mode, but thats probably a seperate feature request), wages? (Perhaps the airline could fund all active pilots a wage per month. This might lead to some airlines going bankrupt though). Would also be good to pay for hubs.


Fantastic request. Adds more realism with paying for things!! Got my vote!!


The idea of expenses is great! Would definitely add to realism with some money going out of the airline. You have my vote.


I fully agree with you. You have my vote.

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Great thinking, this is something that will encourage users to keep flying and strive to earn income.

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