Some issues with IF Pax App

Here are some issues that I’m experiencing, that the mail doesn’t work sometimes when not using the app for days, weeks or months. So the Accept or Reject button won’t work. It keeps loading but won’t work.

After doing many flight, IF Pax disconnect or won’t work during the flight (short or long haul), it keeps disconnect once I’m descending or landed. The app won’t crash but can’t log any flight.

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If you have any background apps, close them all apart from IFPAX and Infinte Flight. If that doesn’t work restart your device.

All my background are closed. I even reinstalled the app but it’s a known issue.

Edit: I’m not a newbie lol

Yes, same issue with me… Flight older than 1 month can’t be approve or reject…
May be can add some feature to delete old mail… :grin::grin:

but you still see the approve/reject buttons?
and please confirm what your username in the app is so i can check

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@Capt_SkyWalker whats your username in the app?

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Yes, that approve and reject button still there…
If that can be approve or reject will show cirle loading 2 times, but the flight can’t approve just show one circle loading… and when i’m too fast to click approve, application make a blank white and back to first screen…
My username : donnebanget

Thanks for support mr luqmanh…


the problem is seems was actually with the reject button and not the approve. the items were not dissappearing from the list once rejected. new update for ios and android should hopefully be out in next few days which should fix this. Please let me know around mid next week if you still having issues.



Great news! Thanks mr luqmanh…

My username: Capt.SkyWalker

After the new update, I found a new issue which I can’t log the flight or is it automatically now? I did multiple uninstall and reinstalling the app. All announcement works fine till landed and engine shutdown.

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Same here, uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing to fix it. Soundpack and monitoring work but after you land and shut down it freezes and acts up bad. I have Android and it constantly says “Infinite Passengers has stopped” no report or credit for your hard work

Sorry for the delay in finding the issue. Please update to 5.2.11


Thank You Luqman, all fixed now. The update is now flawless!

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