Some sound packs causes application to freeze and stop

I am using Android Samsung S9+. When I use the Alitalia pack or Emirates pack, It will freeze after a while at the loading screen. There will be no connection to infinite flight. There will be a notification that the app has stopped working a while later. May I ask how to solve this problem, i tried clearing data and cache, reinstalling and force stopping it. However it still does not work.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for contacting support.

This issue is something that we found before, however seemed to have fixed itself over time and haven’t had reports for a while.

Can you let us know the following:

Is it happening every time you load a flight with Infinite Passengers?

Is it only on those sound packs?

We look forward to assisting you!

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Yes it happens everytime! For now these are the 2 sound packs where i am having problem with.

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