Some suggestions

Hey guys, l have a couple of suggesting that will help improve the forum.

  1. Forum moderation post on how the moderators moderate. This will give us members an insight into your moderation style and what you expect and don’t.

  2. A more detailed guide intro guide. I know we have the ‘welcome to the … community’ post, although something more in-depth would be of more benefit.

Let me know your thoughts.



We definitely have a ‘How we moderate’ post in the works, keep an eye out for that - it should be coming fairly soon. As for a more detailed intro guide, I think we definitely need one but it would be good if a community member could make it - perhaps one of our regulars. Us staff could always make it if required.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions


I think it’s safe to assume that is now made.

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What does that mean? Can you explain.

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It would be a guide to the operations of the moderators. For example what they look for when reviewing flags, moderation things like that. The main purpose would be so users know the process behind the activity they see from mods, what they should expect, and what the decision making process is when moderators action upon something on the forum.


Ok understood now. Thank you.


Yes and that was very fast.