Somebody know about this error

This is the mesage…

We were unable to create a session to log your flight. You will not be able to a save this flight without it. Please go back to the previous screen and try again…

The problem is I go back But it does not work. If somebody can help me.

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Hello !
Have you tried to do this multiple times, or just once ?

Do you have a stable WiFi connection?

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Yeah should only happen if the network is not available. If you wait a 10-20s and try again it should work. Failing that close the app and reopen. Make sure you check your web browser to see internet is working.

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I do have strong Wifi connection but it is still showing the error. I also tried to reinstall the app but it is still showing.

Hmm, sorry, not to sure.
Do you disconnect the infinite flight connect settings during the flight ?

At the start of the flight we create a session on the server for tracking and to prevent cheating etc. This requires an internet connection, its likely you had poor/slow network connection. Just try again

However please let me know if it keeps happening.

It just keeps displaying the error even IF Pax works fine till in the end of the flight. My wifi / internet connection works perfectly fine.

I’m having the same issue with mine. I have excellent internet signal.

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