Something is wrong with my account

Cannot Login to Airplane Mode

Username: Capt.Bonny

Airlane Name: Bonny’s Air

I can’t log in to my account since today, there is always “forced close” when I log in. I have 3 devices and I tried it with them, but I still can’t log in to my account.I’ve never had this problem before.I have subscribed since last month.

I’m in the same situation now

It happened to me as well, I think it’s a server’s matter. Still waiting to get my bird flying again

Username: IFK-asianaairline
Airlane Name: IFK-MoF Genesis

Hello! I have notified the developer. Please hang on until we fix it.

thanks Gabe!!!
Although the 24hour flight is gone…

Thank you very much staff :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Gabe. Guys, you’re doing really great job. Cheers :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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We are not alone then, looks like something has gone wrong. Free mode still works for whoever would like to be able to use the IF Pax features for now

The link above is also failing to load current live flights in Airline Mode. Might be a server issue that is connected with the app crashing before we start a flight.

Thanks everyone! We’re currently looking into it and the developer has been made aware. We hope this will be resolved ASAP and we apologise for any loss of service. I’m guessing it’s an issue with where the data is hosted. Hang tight for now…


Looking into it now…

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Database was getting hammered by greater use than normally expected. it should be ok now.


Same thing is happening to me it won’t let me login

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