Sound packs broken or ruined.


The Alitalia sound pack is full of annoying noises as though someone was playing a game while they recorded it. Also you used to have two Norwegian sound packs but now you only have one. I’ve tried to contact you guys before about these problems but your customer service is so horrible that no one has ever responded. Also do you ever plan on adding different aircraft sound packs? I’m sick of flying a 737 while the safety video states I’m flying a 787. Thank you.

Things like that you can vote for in #features (see the link below)

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I’ll check this out for you and if needs be the dev can try and push out an update if there is a better alternative.

I believe this is because they were combined together and one or the other will play automatically depending on aircraft type.

What method(s) have you used when trying to contact “us”? In my personal experience the customer service is outstanding. Remember that the best way to get in touch is via the community here.

Yes, however it sometimes is hard to find them. Your welcome to make a #features request if you are able to find the audio for it or if you DM me with a couple of airline i’ll point you in the right direction.

As i previously said its hard sometimes to find sound packs for different aircraft other than the one on here (which is not always the 737) but if you find it then i’m sure the dev will be able to implement it with it autoselecting the one relating to the aircraft you fly.

I hope this helps and if you have any more issues please do not hesitiate to make another support topic.

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I have listened to it and it seems as though its an official safety video that shows what to do in these situations as well as the audio but obviously we only have the audio so the sounds are don’t fit although they should be there. I’ll try and find a fix as i agree its quite annoying when you don’t understand the sounds.

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Heres the original video for reference.

I’m struggling to find any other safety video let me know if you find anything.

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Ah I see. That makes a lot of sense.


I tried on Instagram a while ago but I’ve been using twitter lately. No replies whatsoever. A few months ago lots of iOS users couldn’t load any sound packs or features without it asking for payment again. At least 20 people had mentioned this on IFPAX twitter account but no one got a reply. They fixed the issue in about a week but it would have been nice to know they were working on it or at least noted the issue. Instead of leaving us all wondering what was happening.

Having said that I’ve only just discovered this community and already it seems a lot better for customer service. So maybe they just barely use their social media platforms.

Anyway thanks for all your info it was a great help :grin:


If you need assistance we advise you get in contact on the forum, we have around 200 people who can help you as supposed to only a few people who can access the Twitter. We are proud of our community support, but please understand that we all have busy lives as well and the app is not a priority for all of us.


No worries. If you can share the community around on your platforms as well to help others that would be great.


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