Sounds and Crash bugs

I’m opening this Topic as a French player, to report several unpleasant problems with the Infinity Passengers application and I doubt I’m the only one having these problems?

  • First of all, no matter the flight time ( 10h, 1h, 30 min ), the boarding, security and takeoff preparation sounds work, but the application ( being open and saying “Connected to IF” ) doesn’t make the sound for landing, so get ready to land, fasten your seatbelts etc, so I have to restart the application, which doesn’t earn me any points because I’m in Airline Mode.

  • secondly, if it’s not the above goal, it’s the infinite passengers application that crashes like that, while I’m on a last generation tablet.

I tried to reinstall the application but without success!

( sorry if my english is bad because i’m french and i learn english )

Hi @SkyViation
Please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure Wifi/Data is turned on
  2. Open Infinite Flight and enable Flight Connect from the settings
  3. Start Infinite Passengers and setup your flight
  4. When its on Monitoring Mode screen switch to Infinite Flight and start your flight, you should see notification for Connected
  5. If notification doesn’t appear within a few seconds then please check notifications are enabled for Infinite Passengers in your device settings and ensure Wifi is working properly
  6. Still not working? Try to kill Infinite Flight app (on android use task manager, on iOS tap home button device twice and swipe apps up). Then reopen.
  7. Also do not exceed 35kts ground speed during taxi and start from gate/ramp not runway

If it’s still not connecting, try to end both apps by using double tap on home button and slide up (on iOS devices) or using task manager on android. After this try steps above again.

Some extra tips are to

  • Open Infinite Flight before Infinite Passengers
  • Double check connection
  • Try over an alternative connection method

Hi, i already Check that, The problem comes at the end and not at the beginning, I think the problem does not come from me because I have a very good connection.

What device do you have?

iPad 7

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