Spotting an aircraft over my house

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you that I spotted a regional jet coming over my house once and it looks like an MD-90 because it has two engines on the back of the aircraft and not below the wings. I can tell it is landing at Bradley but because at the time I saw the aircraft, I was coming home from school so there is no photo but it’s flying low as far as I remembered but don’t know when.

I don’t see a photo :thinking:

Yeah, because I can’t get a good photo of it as I was coming home. It’s really hard to get a photo because once you take out your mobile device to take photos of the plane, it might be too late and even if you do it, the photo will be blurry.

If you have a photo at all, it would be nice to see :slight_smile: would help us identify the aircraft,

I can’t even get one photo, I can see the plane but not get a good photo at it and if I take out my iPad/iPhone, it might be already too late. :pensive::pensive:

Use Flightradar24 24, lets you see the planes before they arrive

Then go to filters and choose airport, write the three letter code eg. LHR. It will show all inbound and outbound aircraft.

Ah ha, Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Also, I always see commercial aircrafts and GA as well as helicopter and business jets on FR24 and not military aircraft. How can I include military planes on FR24?

I don’t think it’s possible. Their radars are prohibited from detecting them most likely for privacy reason?¿

Then how can I check military aircraft that are flying?

I’m not sure, maybe you can hear them right before they come? Or maybe another app tracks them.

I use this:

Not sure if it covers US though.

But that just show maps of Britain and Ireland.

Try this:

*Ive not used this site before, a quick search of google would give you some sites to try

I did but it won’t work and I was trying to find fighter jets as well.

You need to zoom out and set server to world.