Start to add A350 sound packs

Since the Airbus A350 is coming this month to Infinite Flight, I suggest that Infinite Pax start to add these packs for the A350 to prepare for the release.

  • Singapore
  • Finnair
  • Emirates
  • United
  • Air France
  • French Bee
  • Cathay Pacific
  • JAL
  • Delta

**more to be confirmed

I have managed to find a vote to vote for this. I would be nice if Infinite Passengers added these early just in time for the release day. This would mean that all users could use these for the a350 as soon as they receive the update. @luqmanh please try and consider adding these in the coming week as the 350 is coming before we know it.

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Perfect idea to add them well ahead of time.
Do you have any links to those sound packs?

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I will try and find some and add them.

Folks, we definitely hear you want the A350 sound packs and that’s something we’ll deliver once it’s officially released. There are more liveries which are unconfirmed and we simply don’t know which they are, therefore it’s simply not practical to add a handful of sound packs now and add the rest on release as users will expect the full package. I’d imagine a few will also request adaptive sound packs for the A350 on any current sounds. This is something that we can look into.

Remember - things are always subject to change.