Strobe light and engine change


First feature request!
1st part
Hey how are you all doing, one thing that bugs me about IFPAX is the strobe light, where if you turn it on when crossing a runway, it’ll stop playing the safety announcement.
What I impose is that instead of the strobe light, you use the landing light.

2nd part
Another things is ending the flight. Sometimes in the Dash 8, only 1 engine is used for taxi. But if you shut it down, it’ll end the flight before you’ve reached the gate. An alternative to this is using the beacon light. It is switched off when the engines are off and it is clear,

Flight starting when I'm crossing runways
Infinite Passengers 5.0.11 Release
Takeoff Message Only Played w/ Landing AND Strobe Lights

Great idea! Got my vote.

This has happened a few times when I’ve been crossing runways and the announcement stopped. :grimacing:


It’s true, you have my vote.


Got my vote too! This would be a great addition to Infinite Passengers!


Sounds like one great idea!

Many people will love this feature!


Love the idea! Has my vote as well!


Voted and I hope for it to be added :+1:


Great to see you guys engaging with this new platform! Good feature request!


Very accurate opinion, even to cross a runway towards the takeoff, if I turn on the lights the app marks the beginning of the flight and stops all reproduction, for engine shutdown I think with all reason, as many even after turning off engines they continue with their beacon lights, we take advantage of to introduce the culture of learning to use all the lights.


I would prefer the announcements to be connected to another button than landinglights. Because officially you should use both your strobes and landinglights when crossing or entering an active runway. I would suggest to connect it to the 'No Smoking" button (as i find this button quite useless so far).


You are not required to use landing lights when crossing a runway, you are only required to use strobes. “c. The FAA has a voluntary pilot safety program, Operation Lights On, to enhance the see-and-avoid concept. Pilots are encouraged to turn on their landing lights during takeoff; i.e., either after takeoff clearance has been received or when beginning takeoff roll. Pilots are further encouraged to turn on their landing lights when operating below 10,000 feet, day or night, especially when operating within 10 miles of any airport, or in conditions of reduced visibility and in areas where flocks of birds may be expected, i.e., coastal areas, lake areas, around refuse dumps, etc. Although turning on aircraft lights does enhance the see-and-avoid concept, pilots should not become complacent about keeping a sharp lookout for other aircraft. Not all aircraft are equipped with lights and some pilots may not have their lights turned on. Aircraft manufacturer’s recommendations for operation of landing lights and electrical systems should be observed.” Source:


I got my votes too. I never thought of that before by the way.


Love this idea!!! Such an underused button too. Not sure if there is an api attached to it though? Someone will know better than me


We cant access seatsbelts and no smoking buttons via API. We’ve had a request with IF for this for a while but unfortunately its on the back burner with them.


Nice feature to add. I had this issue many times on Chicago whilst crossing runways


This is an amazing feature request, and this has happened to me a few times now.

You’ve certainly got my vote!


You got my vote. And its great to see moderators interacting a lot as well. Makes a change.


My opinion: While this is a great idea, this makes it unrealistic. When crossing an active runway, all lights on the airplane should be on… I think that even if you turn on the strobe and landing lights to cross an active runway, (like you should) then safety announcement should play like it would with them off. Of course if you cross that runway and turn off the landing lights and strobe with the safety announcement going, then it should still go until it is completely done.

Happy Landings,



Got my vote! This is something that I keep accidentally doing thus ending the safety briefing…

By law, a Flight is required to do a full safety briefing before taking off (they will even taxi around the airport or hold for an extended period of time if needed to finish the safety briefing). So it’s something that I like to follow when flying with IFPAX. (Maybe you could even add a IFPAX violation if a pilot fails to follow this) :man_shrugging:t3::blush:


Earned my vote as it would be a great addition.