Subscription doesn't work?

So before there was a major update to IFPAX, I purchased it. So the owner gave me 80 months or something like that for the subscription. This was in like November '18. It hasn’t been 80 months. How come it’s asking me to pay?


The purchases are linked to your iTunes/Google account, meaning you shouldn’t have to pay again if already purchased a subscription.

Please try the following steps:

• Press ‘restore purchases’
• Uninstall and reinstall the app
• Restart the app a few times to see if the problem still exists




Where is restore purchases?

Check the home screen. If it’s not there go to airlines mode. But don’t press buy sub. Where it would normally say “subscription needed” I think in small white it should say restore purchases.

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Actually, that’s what I get when I press airline mode, can’t seem to log out even.

Have you restarted the app or reinstalled?

No. I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

I’ve reinstalled and restarted. It says the same.

There is a restore purchases option, just in not familiar with the android interface so I’m not sure where it is. Have a look around the app while I try find it for you :wink:

Ive checked everywhere. No restore purchases button.

Other android users have been able to find it… not sure where they have found it tho. Check the settings app (or what the android version is)

I don’t have a settings button in the app.

Not in app, the device settings. Restore purchases could be in there.

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Nope. Not in there. Unfortunately

@Gabe_Z are you still online? If you e got android could you help?


This is definitely wrong. I got an email a bit ago saying I got 81 months added to my subscription including current. I am logging into the same account as the one that got 81 months added.

This is it:


It the resotre purchases thing doesn’t work, I will alert LuqmanH about this.

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Yeah I think you should alert him.

Was this a free subscription based on the no of sound packs purchased?

Not sure I understand. All I know is that I purchased the IF Passengers app and the subscription inside it.

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