Subscription Hotfix: Now Released


As you know, we have sent a hotfix to Apple which will fix the issues faced by iOS users surrounding the subscription method.

Our target was to ship this fix on the 31st December.

Unfortunately, it is still waiting for review by Apple having been submitted on 30th December. This may be due to the fact of the increased number of apps to review and the new year. We still don’t know how long this will take to review so we cannot give a date. That being said, our assumption is for it to be approved by Wednesday. Please understand that this is subject to change.

We ask that any users who are still affected by the loss of service to please create a ticket at You’ll recieve a free promo code corresponding with your remaining subscription.

Keep an eye on this thread and we’ll let you know when it’s approved.

We thank you for your patience! We apologise for any loss of service.



The fix has now been approved by Apple and should start to appear in your App Store.

We’ve also added a new emergency type as a little bonus:

- Added stuck in gear down emergency

We send our apologies to all those who were affected by this issue.

Thanks for your patience!


Everything should now be back to normal. Please create a topic in #support if you still encounter any issues with your subscription.