Subscription issue from iOS to Android


Hello, I’ve made the switch from iOS to Android but when I log in on IF PAX it says I need to buy a sub again. I already have one active.

Subscription transfer between all platforms

iOS and Android are two different operating systems, there for two different accounts. A subscription does not switch between the two because of the way the app works. Shortly someone will be in contact with you to help you solve this!



As @DGGR said, iOS and Android are two different platforms and your sub is linked to your App Store account rather than IFPAX account. If you make a ticket at we will be able to help you.

Thanks for contacting support, Pidge


Thank you. I’m guessing I will recieve it back in some form?


You should get your subscription back, by doing what pidge said above.


In some form, whether issuing a refund on the App Store or something else, I’m not sure.


Thank you all for the assistance.


No worries. Am I ok to close this now or do you have any other questions?


All is good here. I will be in contact if I encouter anymore difficulty. Again, thanks for the support.

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No worries mate, that’s what we’re here for. Make the ticket on freshdesk and Luqman will be able to support you.