Subscription issues update: Compensation for users affected


Further update, regarding the recent subscription issues facing IOS users.


Infinite Passengers Developer @luqmanh has reported that he sent more data from the app with diagnostic logging capability to Apple for a review, hopefully apple will approve that fix on monday (as they don’t do weekends). Sucess in this area, should lead to a successful fix being pushed.

Luqman hopes that apple will send him the logs that indicate when an error occurs in restore, which will support the team’s enquiries.

*However, as he doesn’t know why its working for some and not for others, until he gets that back, he can’t say for certain what the root cause is.

Luqman said that in mean time, he is giving people who can verify they have purchased soundpacks, a equivalent free subscriptions; whilst we can work out root cause.

Luqman asks that any users with the issue, should create ticket at

Users will then be provided a free promo code.

Luqman and the team continue to try and identify the cause of the issue and will remain contact with Apple Developer Support team tomorrow to chase updates.

Please accept our apologies, and rest assured that the team are working hard to ensure that this matter is resolved, but also; never happens again.



The developer, Luqman and the testing team have released a fix to Apple, who should authorise a release tomorrow, mitigating against the issues currently faced by users.

Problem solved. Apologies again for the break in service.