Subscription problem

When I buy the subscription I can use it, however when I close the app or click of airline mode it says “subscription required” when I already bought it. I went on App Store to see some reviews and it looks like load of other had this problem any help?

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When it asks for you to subscribe, do you see an option to restore purchases?
Sounds to me like it gets stuck in a loop asking you to subscribe.

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Yeah I click it but then nothing happens :confused:

Thanks. The purchases are linked to your iTunes account, meaning you shouldn’t have to pay again if already purchased.

Can you try to reinstall the app, log back into the airline mode, restart the app a few times and see if it continues?

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Yes but if it doesn’t work what do I do?

Then, most likely we will talk it over with the developer and see if we can find another solution to your problem. For now, try what @anon85169546 suggested above. A simple reinstall could do the trick:)

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Ok I’ll try thank you


Yes and try reinstall. Also make sure you are signed into itunes/app store

All sorted it works now thanks!

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Great to hear! If you encounter this issue again then be sure to make another support topic so we can dig deeper.