Subscription required?

Hello fellow aviators

I just got IF Passengers again for the first time in a while and want to start making an airline again. I’m now being asked to subscribe for Airline and Cargo mode so can’t access my airline. Help me please and thanks and I bought sounds packs before. Please don’t tell me they are lost :cry:

Hi Chris,

We have indeed changed to a subscription model. Changing to subscription based model should allow us to expand development and get a lot more features out that would add to realism. It should mean we can also have a dedicated support person. Monthly subscription will provide access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode. It will also allow us to bring out more frequent updates.

Don’t worry as none of your sound packs are lost. We are offering you a free subscription based on the number of packs purchased. You can reclaim your free subscription by clicking here. Please ensure all of your information is correct for it to work.



That’s great. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Will it be added right away?;

Yes! It will be added right away if all of the information entered is correct. Once you have filled out the form, please install the app again, log in and you’ll have access.

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Thanks I now have it.

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