Subscription transfer between all platforms

Take this support request:

It would be good if the IF PAX subscription was linked to IF PAX and not your respective app store. This will mean users can freely move between both platforms without the hassle of getting a promo code or additional support. They would simply log in and and their subscription would be restored.

I believe that there is no way to have the subscription linked to your IFPAX account - it’s just the way the app stores work. I also don’t think this happens enough for it to really be necessary, especially as at the moment you can just go to and get it sorted there.

But it would make life much easier if they were just transferred. It would save all the hassle of making tickets.

I agree, and although there may be a way to do this it’s fine for the moment to just make a support ticket. It’s really not a hassle to make one.

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In my opinion it’s honesty quite a hassle. Whereas you could just log in and get your sub right away instead of waiting for a reply.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a hassle and it definitely would be nice to have it transfer automatically don’t get me wrong, but I think it just doesn’t happen enough for it to be worth all the effort that it takes to add it in to the app - especially as there already is a solution.

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Nevertheless thanks for your opinion.

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I don’t think this is possible.

Yeah, this wouldn’t be possible, as the subscription would need to either be purchased through the App Store or Google Play store, and can’t be transferred between the two different stores.

We are confirming this with the developer, Luqman and will get back to you.

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I will confirm that it is possible. People are able to transfer Infinite Flight Pro subscription cross platform.

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Please take a look, at what I have wrote above. Thanks.