Suggested Changes

Change #features and make a sub sound packs category for all sound pack requests and make all others under #features. Add a title for airline owners to easily identify and a group for them to join. Also please add more clear information about the community and app on the forum. Please add more categories for simulators to have more activity. Add more community staff also people like @pidge haven’t posted in years.

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We are currently good with our staffing team, and we have a good overview on the activity of our team too. Thanks for the suggestions other suggestions tho! We will discuss the feasibility of them internally.

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Come on do you really take a full year to make decisions? 2019-11-21T00:00:00Z

I am still waiting for a response! Titles for airline founders

Here you go Titles for airline founders.

Thomas said anytime “soon” this is November sir! More than soon!.

I have not been on the moderation team for this amount of time, however Thomas did state it wont be coming soon.

This is more than soon sir and please approve my posts.

@LisbonAviator7310, I understand you would like to have this feature added. However it’s been nine months and posts easily get pushed down to the bottom, Like Thomas had mentioned when replying on the original date of posting. “It wont be coming anytime soon” This means theres been no promise of adding it. Please relax a bit, we will look into it again and see if we still share the same opinion on it.