Takeoff Message Only Played w/ Landing AND Strobe Lights


Currently, turning on your landing lights interrupts the safety briefing and results in the “flight attendants, prepare for takeoff” message. Prior to this, the trigger for this message was the strobe lights, and this was changed in this feature request due to runway crossing issues.

But there is still an issue. Many users, including myself, like to use the landing lights to simulate taxi lights (not yet available in Infinite Flight). This is currently impossible with Infinite Passengers because turning on the landing lights results in a stop to the safety briefing.

My request? Only stop the briefing and play the takeoff message when the landing and strobe lights are on together. This will ensure that a pilot is actually preparing for takeoff, and covers basically all scenarios for IF PAX users.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.

Infinite Passengers 5.1.2 Release

Sounds like a good idea, you got my vote.

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You’ve got my vote! Good feature request!

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Yes! That’s how they do it real life as well as “ding” the cabin! Has my vote

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What if Strobe light were turned on then off, but Landing Light never turned on. Maybe we could must have them both on at the same time. You got my vote!


Sorry, what are you saying? That’s what I’m suggesting - both at the same time. Thanks for your vote!

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That what you said, “at the same time.” :+1:

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I don’t see the point in this to be honest. Take that two seconds to not use landing lights for taxi when using IF PAX (not that you should use them anyway). They changed it from strobes as there was an issue when crossing runways. Why not keep it as landing lights?

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It probably wouldn’t be a crazy switch, and I know that lots of people use their lading lights as taxi lights. The point of this feature request is so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything while using the app. :slight_smile:


100% realistic.

But some people use both when crossing runways also. Why not attach it another button?

I just think it’s unnecessary after the previous change to landing lights. People may also turn both lights on during taxi so bit of an issue.


Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic about the realism. I know it’s not perfect, but some people like to use them as taxi lights. It’s certainly more realistic than taxing with strobes as you mention.

An update changed the trigger to strobe lights specifically for runway crossing. If you think it should stay as landing lights, it won’t work to cross or taxi with both lights on anyway.

If there’s another button you think would work better, I’m open to ideas.


If it is possible, make it trigger when you’re cleared for takeoff by atc :man_shrugging:


Even with that was possible through the API, it doesn’t cover Unicom which is always available as opposed to live ATC.

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Ok, my apologies. Disregard everything I said… didn’t read this full request properly. You have my support.

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No worries, thanks for your support!

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Make it trigger to the ‘(callsign) is taking off runway *** departing ***** Command in Unicom…

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That would be super cool but I really don’t think it’s possible. I could be wrong.

For now, I think this is a more feasible solution.

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I agree, sadly I am out of votes…

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Will change it to requiring both strobe and landing lights in next release.
Hopefully this will satisfy the majority this time.


Thank you very much. Will really help.