The Ability To Shut Off ALL Boarding Music

Hello IFPAX Community,

I am creating this feature request to have the ability to shut off ALL boarding music before a flight.

Now, I know that before you begin a flight, there is already an option to shut off the boarding music, and it is very effective


The boarding music STILL plays after you land. It would be quiet before takeoff, but after landing and the landing announcement has finished, whether you turn the boarding music off or on, the boarding music will still play.

In my opinion, that is honestly very annoying and takes away from the realism of the flight. Some airlines don’t even have boarding music, so it wouldn’t make sense for IFPAX to have boarding music for said airlines if they are trying to be realistic.

Now I know…

that some of you like the boarding music for the airline. That’s fine. You can toggle it on and it will play like normal. But for some, including myself, we find it annoying when we have to listen to boarding music while taxiing from the runway to the gate when in reality, the airline irl doesn’t even have boarding music.

I also know that some airlines do feature boarding music and that they are any casual song in the world, but that is a different feature request that you can vote for down below.

This feature request…

is to give users the ability to shut off boarding music altogether (from the beginning to the end of the flight). That means, no boarding music whatsoever throughout the flight from when you connect to IF to when you receive your flight report.

I really do hope this feature request gets implemented in the near future as it would help to increase realism and would stop the annoyance many pilots have to go through to listen to boarding music that the airline irl does not even play on their flights.

Thanks for reading!!! :smiley:

Doesn’t boarding music plays after landing in real life tho?

Not on all airlines

Most airlines in the US don’t even play boarding music whatsoever.

An exception is Alaska Airlines, but their boarding music doesn’t play until you are parked at the gate.


True, I know a few including China Southern Airlines would definitely play the boarding music even after landing.

Yes but airlines like American, Southwest, and Delta do not play boarding music at all

I don’t want to hear any boarding music when flying for airlines like these in IFPAX. They should let you have full control if your boarding music settings.

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@BigBert10 you’re absolutely right this shouldnt play if you switch if off and its a bug. Someone else spotted this also. Will be fixed asap.


same in the uk, i only fly quite short flights around Europe though so I’m mostly on the budget carriers

This would be a good idea for those times when you just wanna get the briefing done :slight_smile:

This should be fixed in latest ios update now.