The app purchased the a318 with out me buying it!

RyanAirIF has purchased the a318 plane with out me even purchasing it! As we are RyanAir we only have 737-800 and 737-700 in our fleet… we’d never purchase anything other than what the real airline has!!! Someone explain why? I’m pretty annoyed about this

Also when I press sell of the a318 the app crashes??

Try these steps below.

  • Restart your device.
  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these step above don’t work. Try uninstall and reinstall.

If these steps dont work. We will try to find best solution for you as possible.


Tried it still didn’t work


After you tried, did you press delete to the plane?


I pressed sell to sell the plane and it crashed


Which app version are you running and device? Is it repeatable?


Version 5.1.5 and an iPhone 5s and it is repeating over and over nevertheless had this issue before


It still crashes when we go to sell the a318 that we never brought in the first place

Can you screen record please?

I know this might sound strange, but does anyone else have access to your account or device?

Nope no one else does! But even if someone did the fact it when I press “sell” it starts loading then crashes…

It won’t let me upload a video

I had to confirm, as there’s two things that had happened, app crash when selling the plane and the buying of the plane.

Use a private video on YouTube if possible please.

This is a strange one. Can you try do a flight with the aircraft (A318) and report back if you can use it or if there’s any warning messages.

And you’ve tried all the usual clear, restart, reinstall procedures.

I’ll try a flight but I don’t ever use the a318 as it’s a horrible aircraft! I’ve tried everything!

Try to do a flight as a test, we are trying to help you fix this issue asap

On top of that you don’t by any chance have another device or a friends device you can quickly download IP on, log in, try to remove it on there then log out and delete?