The app purchased the a318 with out me buying it!

I’ve tried everything but still nothing

Just done a tesst flight when it was loading it said “in app purchase complete” but all I done was load my flight?

Has it deducted money from your account?

No it hasn’t and it flies normal!

No “incorrect aircraft” messages?

The only message that popped up wasn’t this one


That isn’t in the infinite passengers app. That most likely has nothing to do with Infinitepassengers… I’m talking about notifications from the infinitepassengers app like: Incorrect Aircraft, Bank angle etc

No nothing popped up at all

That is infinite passengers app! When you make a purchase monthly that pops up!

Your screenshot is from Infiniteflight, purchase notifications look different in infinite passengers.


Ok… you’ve tried all steps you can think of right?

Yes and more than once

There’s one thing I can think of, but it’s best to leave it as the last option. I will have the developer look into this. Please stand by until he comes on next. For now just forget the A318 is there and continue normally. Thanks for your understanding.


Hi. Sorry for the delay.
Thats very strange bug. Can you please send me your exact username from the app. I can then see whats going on.

and is this issue on ios or android?



They are using an iPhone 5s with iOS operating system.

Ive fixed the data for now. Will continue to investigate how this happened. Somehow tonyfarrell95 (one of your recruited pilots) managed to buy this aircraft. Only the owner is able to buy aircraft so I need find whatever way he found to get around this.

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