The Basic Stuff for Free Play

Hello, community, another tutorial that I made today. This tutorial is about Free Play basic stuff and this is all video tutorial.

The video is below and have fun with IFPAX.


Welcome back! Today, we are going over some basic stuff for Infinite Passenger.
Since I do not have a subscription right now, we will only do basic stuff for Free Play.
Before we do that, we will talk about some basic stuff for 4 different options on the main menu.
The first one is Free Play and this is free and can access anytime, and add some realism to your flight.
The second one is Airline Mode and this does require subscription and an account. You can make your own airline and be CEO for your airline.’
The third one is Cargo Mode and it’s basically the same thing with Airline Mode, but it’s Cargo.
Lastly, this is Live Map and it’s free and can access anytime, and these are for tracking Airline/Cargo Mode players.
Today, we will talking about Free Play. We will click on the “Free Play” and you will see different options.
The first option is choosing airline’s sound pack and this does require subscription.
Second is schedule time in minutes, and that’s how long you will think you arrive how many minutes later as you start the flight.
Third is GPWS Sounds, some GPWS Sounds are Banking hard, pitching hard, and etc.
Fourth, IF is on separate device and that is a simple option.
Fifth, flying in high elevation area like Lukla Airport.
Sixth, V Speeds and you will get V1, V2, and Vr.
Seventh, boarding music and that make more realism.
Lastly, safety announcements that is almost like boarding music.
We will move on to the next step, click “Start”. You will see Emergencies Options and this does require subscription.
Please listen carefully, if you want emergencies then do on Solo mode, not on Live Server. IFPAX is not responsible for your violation and ghosting report.
Moving on, chances the emergencies will occur and emergency occurs at this specific time or random time.
Lastly, there are few different types of emergency and have fun with it.
Done? Click start to begin your flight.
That is all for today, thank you!


Loving these handy tutorials! A great way to get new users familiar with the app! Thank you Gabe for creating this.


These tutorials are great and help out a range of people! Keep up the excellent work!


Keep up the good work

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