The First 2 Airbus 380s are Being Scrapped

It’s happening, the first 2 Airbus 380s are demolished. Airbus 380 is the biggest passenger aircraft and right now, Airbus is having problems with A380 order. 2 Airbus 380 are scrapped for parts after a long period of parking at the Lourdes-Tarbes Airport. 7 more A380 are being to be scrap. The reasons why A380 are becoming unpopular is because nobody wants to fly A380. :disappointed_relieved:

Before, Singapore Airlines bought A380 are replaced with older aircraft. These A380 returned back to the Lourdes-Tarbes Airport.

More information about this story can be found below.


Another reason why it’s my least favorite airplane

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Sad to see them go so soon :disappointed_relieved: The A380 was truly the king of the commercial aviation industry. As long as Emirates Doesn’t plan to scrap them soon; They will still be flying the skies!

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Well yh that’s how things normally become unpopular.

Shame to see the A380’s be scrapped, but their time has come


It cost a lot of money for every flight because fuel, less passenger and etc.