Tis The Season Requests

I have an idea since it’s Christmas season now. We should be able to create topics which relate to all things Christmas and we could play games, songs and things along those lines. I also suggest the idea of a custom username title for certain people with a festive theme.


errr i think those kind of topics would be off topic from talking about the actual IFPAX app, but there always is the #lounge that we can post that in. Unfortunately it’s only for TL3, but don’t feel bad! Just stay active and you’ll be joining us before you know it!


also mate its 6:27 AM rn how are you not tired

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Hello @Avril,

Like @Starz_Flyz said, we would like all topics to be infinite passengers related. This is after all the Infinite Passengers forum, We have the lounge for off-topic conversations. You may post Holiday themed threads however please make sure they are related to Infinite Passengers.


I wake up very early haha.

But what about the Christmas titles thing?

ahaha I haven’t slept all night. and I have to walk out in the snow from yesterday’s snowstorm in 2 hours. i need my peppermint tea

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Please stay on topic to the conversation, thanks


Ok sure but what about custom titles?

It would be too much work for us moderators, we can have a look at it however I can’t confirm if it will happen.

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How’s it too much work?

I don’t have access to lounge.

Check out the full comment :wink:

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I like this idea, I think it would be away from the main purpose of the community unless stowed in private off topic lounge though.

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I have a question as to how do you reach TL3?

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I’m preeeety sure it’s still at discourse requirements mods can correct me if I’m wrong.

Here are discourse requirements


Thanks for the replies, what’s happening about the titles @aegirN?

Yeah, we’re still running on the stock numbers for now. We may look into altering our TL requirements soon to make it either a little easier or harder to get.

Great ideas but I don’t see why they aren’t allowed in public.

The titles idea sounds good but not sure on the topics