Titles for airline founders


I think it would be good if all users who founded an airline had a title here on the forum for easy identification. For example -
@DGGR may get the title ‘FLAG Founder’.


This could be useful, however this would be like a custom title. Which I’ve seen a moderator say disagree with in another topic…


This is a good idea, however I don’t see it being implemented anytime soon for a number of different reasons.

Airlines may often change and become inactive, deleted etc meaning it would be a big moderation effort on our part to ensuring all titles are up to date.

On the other hand, we may have some folks who simply create and advertise an airline just for the forum title. Their airline becomes inactive and yeah… you then get the point. It would be a big effort to moderate and ensure only the correct people are given titles.


This would be good but would be abused.