TL Requirements

For TL2/TL3 etc are the requirements similar to the listed requirements or are they changed a like on the IFC?

Note: I’m not asking so i can farm(i haven’t even looked at the requirements), i’m massively against that stuff, i just am curious.


As far as I’m aware the requirements are the same. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


As @Declan_O said, they are the same for now and have not been modified. We are constantly reviewing our members, especially TL3. We will see who is earning the legit way or TL farming. No one can be stopped from looking at the stock numbers, however we do ask that people don’t go crazy and try to be the first one to finish the race to TL3. That being said, we will most likely change them at some point when the needs arise.

Thanks for your understanding!