Trip Report: Flying on American Airlines Airbus A321N

Yesterday. December 11, 2019. I had the to fly on American’s new Airbus A321 NEO. The route was Dallas (KDFW) to Phoenix (KPHX). This flight was operated by N401AN. Upon getting to my gate, I realized that boarding was almost finished. With that being said, lets get into how this came about. I had gotten in late from my first flight due to an air traffic control flow into DFW. Once I got into DFW, I had to hustle from the B terminal where most of the regional flight arrive and depart from to the C terminal. I arrived with twenty (20) minutes to spear and I got my baording pass. My seat was 9D, an aisle seat that has extra legroom. Upon walking down the jet bridge and entering the aircraft, I noticed that it was modern and clean. The first class galley was big (to me) and the aisles were bigger than most jets which was nice. I found my seat and sat down. Upon sitting down, I saw that there was no IFE which was a huge disappointment. You would think that on a new airplane that it would have IFE right? Nope. (Side note: I read the article about how AA is changing there cabins to Oasis class.) I also noticed how slim the seats were. To me, this did not really bother me as I am more of that traveller that just wants to get from point A to point B, but I can see how this could be a problem if you like to ride in comfort or a bigger person. The last think I thing that could of been done better are the tray tables. They seemed like they were half the size and hlaf the width of what tray tables are normally. (It might of been me). although there are things I think AA could of done better, there are some good things about the new Airbus A321N that American has. The first positive is that it is much more quiter than a normal Airbus or Boeing 737. It also has cool mood lightning which helps me settle down to that calm state since I have get-there-itis. Another plus to this aircraft was that it had electircal ports and outlets at every seat. That means I could charge my phone and my laptop while I work on this review. As always, the crew was amazing. They were out going and really tried to make everyone feel at home and have a safe and smooth flight. Overall though, I was not really impressed with it. It does have it’s good and bads like everything, but to me, it would of been better with IFE and bigger seats. To me, it is just a regualr airliner and I would rather perfer a Boeing 737 with IFE (old or new) or the Airbus A321 with IFE. In my opinion, I think more peopel care about IFE then not. I cannot count on two hands on many people I see using it. I think it helps airlines make money instead of just having magiznines in the seat back pocket. Thanks for reading about my first trip expierence on the American Airbus A321N.

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Seats: 4/10



NEO power :star_struck:


It had power and was a nice aircraft.

Thanks for the interesting trip report. Hope to see more.

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You are welcome. I have another one from this trip that will go up soon. I just want this one to get some attention hah

Great trip report and nice detail :+1:

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