Trust Levels Avatar Flair

I think trust level avatar flairs would be a good addition. They would allow us to clearly distinguish between each TL without having to go to the users profile.

Not sure what you could use as icons though.

Could do, but when do you really need to know someone’s trust level?

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This is from someone on meta but pretty much sums up why for me too:

  1. Seeing TL level 0s and being reminded to welcome them to the community and to be a little forgiving when they mess up and you can weigh their advice with their level in mind.
  2. Seeing higher levels and knowing you can go to them for advice.
  3. Feeling extra motivated and inspired to contribute and go up the levels and having a sense of accomplishment when you do.

The higher levels are easy to see,
They either have ‘regual’ ‘moderator’ staff’ ‘developer’ by there name.

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In my opinion it is super cluttered and frankly unnecessary. TL0s can be indentified by the lighter username color, and users to look up to have their position identified by a title from regular up.


How is it cluttered?it adds a simple icon next to their picture.

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In that case why can’t all members have titles?

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A simple icon that’s not needed. You already have a username, profile picture, and sometimes a title. It adds a lot for little gain.

A title is kind of a sign of high status. Hence why it’s really not needed for everyone. It would only distinguish between Basic Users and Members, and there is little visible difference between the two besides a couple more privileges on the users’ end.


Thanks for the suggestion, however I don’t find it’s really necessary to have here on the forum. It takes a few simple clicks to go to the user profile and see their TL. In addition, they could always visit the badge page and see a full list of users per trust level. Our TL0’s usernames are already a grey colour which tell us they are a new user. I think the avatar icon would cause clutter with the users profile picture as well.


Thanks all for sharing your opinions.

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