Turkish Airlines Safety Video (Lego version)


This one is a must in the next update, I have never seen such a humorous safety video in my life than this.

Turkish airlines safety video

Updated Boarding music

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This is so awesome! Lego, that is funny.


I would love to see more funny safety videos.


Great safety video and I love the lego idea.


Very humorous indeed lol. Would be an awesome addition!


Love the safety video. I like the idea that they’ve used Lego within the video. I’ll agree that this is very humorous. Earned my vote, would love to see it added.


Awesome keep the votes coming…


Earned my vote!! Love this haha!!


This is a must have! I have voted for it.


Less than 24 hours , earned 10 votes already, awesome I need to keep finding more videos like this.


Got my vote :smile: would love to see more of these!


Thank you all for voting.

This has been updated in the app now.

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