UI Revamp (change the looks)

Title says it all.

I’m suggesting a massive UI revamp, I’m thinking of a modern look (rounded edges) and maybe a change of app colors, some menus will be transparent (not alot, just to give it a more modern look) I think this would be a great feature that looks visually great!

Reply with any feedback or ideas. It’s greatly appreciated.

I definitely agree with you that the UI is looking slightly outdated at the moment, but it’s not too bad - definitely not a top priority

I gotta Disagree with you on that one…

I think considering that we have a one person dev team, and that community requests get added within a week, I don’t think it’s too bad. I agree it could do with a rework but it’s not as big of a priority of fixing some of the bugs and issues.

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I’m not dissing the Dev, He’s doing Amazing work. Im just suggesting a UI revamp would be nice. Yes, Bugs are a larger priority.

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Exactly, it’s not too bad. That’s literally what I said in my first post lol.

well, Im talking about changing the UI, I don’t mind where it is on a list of features and things to do.
With the second reply I was talking about how it is currently, yes, the limitations of a one man team are there and what one is able to create alone.

(I’ll continue this in DMs if you want to continue)

You have my full support (& a vote :wink:). I love the app and think that the design looks good, but there is a lot of room for improvement in the UI. It might not be priority #1, but I think it should be considered and that it would significantly improve the app experience.

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Do you have any examples of a new UI idea?

I’m not very skilled in designing :grimacing: I don’t have an example, however I think many people know what a ‘modern’ look would be like :wink:

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Yeah I understand lol.

A more modern ans stylish UI would be amazing. The current one is good but looks a bit outdated. I hope we can see one by the end of the year. You got my 100% support.

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A more modern UI would be great. Are you referring to a material design sort of thing?

Can you explain? I don’t fully understand the last part…

Material design:


Basically a more stylish and modern user interface. Many of the current app functions could take ability of new material design looks.

I’m more looking at an iOS design,

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Personally I’m not a massive fan of material design, I tend to prefer the iOS design or the design of android 9

No you need to do research. Android 9 is material design.

Yes but it’s using much more subdued colours than some of the earlier android versions.

That’s also quite rude. If someone makes a mistake then just correct them politely

Lol you take everything so seriously. I didn’t mean to sound rude.

Anyways back on track.