Ukrainian Airplane Crash

This is breaking news and a developing story.

An airplane had just crashed in Iran after takeoff. The airplane was carrying 180 passengers and crews. It said it could have been a technical issue, but this is a developing story. No other information is available at this time.

Update #1:

Note: It might be not the

Update #2: The aircraft is B737.

Update #3: NOTE: Graphics Warning

Update #4: No one survived. Rest in Peace.

Update #5:

This is really sad, and the beginning of something. Not a single survivor and Iran admitted they shot it down. Before they said it, they refused to give the black box to Boeing and USA until decided to say NSTB can help investigate the crash. Then came a video with a missile hitting the aircraft and Pentagon had officially announced that it was a missile. Until Iran told they admitted it. Iran says it was a human error because the aircraft took a turn heading an Iran military base.

Quote from @aegirN:

Two link sources from @Callum5124.

I think that’s enough for me tonight. Rest in peace for those people who did not survive.


My heart goes out to the family and friends of those affected. This is awful news for the community once again.

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Possible contact with terrain? Doesn’t seem to show any descent on Fr24?

Edit: Video show some kind of flash (explosion?) about a second prior to the crash?

Uncontrolled failure?

I’m not going to speculate any more though. I’ll leave that to the experts. RIP.


No, that was the aircraft actually coming into contact with the ground (of course, igniting an explosion).

RIP to all involved.

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Rest in peace to all of those onboard the flight. I heard from a few sources that the plane was shot down, I think this is unconfirmed. I think this seems a little strange though with everything happening at the moment.


2020 isn’t looking good so far.

Rest in peace, this is such tragedy :pray:

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It’s too early to speculate at the moment and draw conclusions. I’d wait for more official information before saying anything like this. Definitely a tragic incident with no survivors. My condolences to all of those who have been affected by this incident.

Rest in peace.


Geopolitical situation currently hasn’t helped onnthe speculation side. Theres very little reason to shoot down and the video/crash site would look different.

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Ok sure, it’s quite obvious though.

We have not had any official reports yet on the reason to the crash. We can neither trust local (Irani) media or worldwide media as the official cause is still unknown to the public.

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Can we stop speculating firstly at the request of the Ukranian President and secondly for the sake of the families of those onboard.

On the basis of fact only, the chance of one of the missiles fired on US facilities in Iraq hitting the the aircraft in extremely low. Additionally US assets tracked the missiles throughout their flight.

Now the likelihood of a SAM System engaging it is highly highly unlikely. Yes the Air Defence Systems would be in a heightened state of readiness although, their would be rules of engagement and they would easily identify the aircraft as a commercial airliner. Additionally its position would help the identification as it was climbing out of the international airport.
Additionally, US space based tracking systems (that can detect any launch across the globe) would pick up the launch and i’m sure they’d have something to say about it. Additionally, Iran has no reason to engage in this kind of escalation.

There is a small likelihood but Iran has no reason to do so, an accidental launch is unlikely due to chain of command and there are i am sure more feasible explanations that will appear from official sources once an investigation has been conducted.

EDIT: Intelligence Community sources reporting US intelligence suggesting of Iranian engagement. I’m not going to speculate and i’ll wait for the report but i’ll say that IF this is true then this isn’t good. Lots of questions to be answered.


It is sad to hear another major plane crash :(.


“United States Officials believe that the Ukrainian Boeing 737 that crashed yesterday after departing Tehran was shot down. According to the BBC, multiple US sources have reported that a missile attack is thought to have taken place.” - Simple Flying

It is still not 100% clear the reason for the accident, however, more and more evidence of the aircraft having been shot down, is emerging. This could either have been by mistake or as a political move by Iran. However, all we know at this stage is rumors and media is suggesting the aircraft could have been shot down by a Russian made ‘Tor missile’.

UPDATE: Video of what looks to be a missile striking an aircraft low above Tehran is making its way around the internet. Mainly on Social media like Instagram and twitter.

UPDATE 2: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has stated that through intelligence from allies and their sources, it is confirmed the aircraft was shot down by an Irani missile, however, also addressed that it is still unknown whether this was an accident or not.

UPDATE 3: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - “It is so important to have a full and creditable investigation before we get into definitive conclusions… intelligence and evidence right now suggests very clearly a possible and probably cause for the crash”


Option 1: Accident due to heightened state of readiness and all other aircraft being cleared out of the Tehran area at the time.

Option 2: Provocative action by Iran, possibly under the direction of Russia who remember is a big ally of Iran and is also engaged in a war with Ukraine.

Shootdown sadly confirmed by UK and Candian Governments based in Allied Intelligence.

Heres some good OSINT on the shootdown. NYT Visual Investigation (world-renowned) expected in full soon with more details.

I will update the thread tonight or tomorrow, busy life.


It’s 99.9% sure they shot it down, and investigators know that but cannot say anything.

  1. The derby was scattered everywhere, with most of the tail intact, which indicates it was shot down towards the front of the aircraft
  2. It happened at the same time that the U.S killed their “governor” or whatever (1:20am)
  3. They are refusing to hand over the black box
  1. You can see what appears to be a missile in the video
  2. How was the camera pointed exactly there ? How did they know ? There were most likely missles launched prior to that

Let’s not speculate here please. This thread are supposed to update information from me and use for to pray and hope.

Yes, I know, it was confirmed it was shot down. Do you have any sources to it?