Unable to connect to the forum on Mobile devices *Issue resolved*

I’m having problems connecting to the forum on my phone and iPad. It says:

I’ve tried with two different wifi networks and used data, nothing seems to change it. I am able to create this thread as I’m on a laptop. This is limiting me to only being on late at night, when I’m home and have access to a laptop.

Have you check the other website yet?

Which other website?

Doesn’t matter, does it load for you or you get the same issue like this one?

Any other works, only the IFP doesn’t work

This is strange, I just tried with a device i’ve never logged into the forum before with and got a different message, still can’t connect.

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I got the same thing because it couldn’t establish a secure connection.

Try to use different Network that it is not the same ISP (Internet Service Provider that you used the network).

I’ve used multiple different ISP, It doesn’t work each time…

Hmm, weird. I have no more solution to come up anymore. :frowning:


I can’t find any myself, only device I have that works is this laptop, all others wont let me load the site.


This happened for me as well on my iphone and macbook. I think the issue is resolved now.

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I’m able to log back in on phone and iPad, when I get home I’ll check if my laptop works or still blocked.


The issue got resolved for sure :wink:

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They officially tweeted they fixed the issue about 20H ago, if anyone still has problems: Reply to this topic