Unable to restore purchases due to update

I know because of the update you guys are giving memberships to those who purchased sound packs. Can someone help me restore my purchases? I have all the screenshots of my purchases.

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Infinite Passengers recently switched to a subscription model to ensure that the app can continue to be developed to improve the user experience, to streamline billing, and to give all-in-one access to the premium features of the app. This even allows for more frequent updates, making the app better for all!

Don’t worry - your previous purchase will be honored with an appropriate subscription. We will set you up a DM with the developer to activate your free subscription. Make sure you provide the correct username in the message. Receipts are helpful but not essential. Once we have added, remove the app, reinstall install from app store and then login to airline mode. It will provide access.

Thank you so much for being an Infinite Passengers customer, and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Why was it changed to subscription mode?

Changing to subscription based model should allow us to expand development and get a lot more features out that would add to realism. It should mean we can also have a dedicated support person. Monthly subscription will provide access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode. It will also allow more frequent updates.


Will I receive a DM from somebody?


So do I leave my username here? Or in a private DM?

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I have created a DM, please use that to share such information.


I have provided the information in the DM.


Issue has been solved in a DM, thanks for reaching out to support.


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